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Pharmathen Pharmaceuticals is a private pharmaceutical company focused on developing and marketing of health care products, with a strong position in generics. 


Headquarters in Athens, Greece


Founded in 1969 by Nicolaos Katsos, it is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Greece. 


With 3 ultra-modern research laboratories and 2 industrial units.


The company’s workforce is made up of more than 650 employees working in the fields of Research & Development (R&D), production, and promotion of pharmaceutical products for more than 85 countries worldwide. 


Today Pharmathen’s products are approved in all EU countries and their distribution rights are granted to the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, particularly in Europe, the United States of America and Canada.


Pharmathen’s sales amounted to €115 million in 2009; it ranks as the number 1 company in Greece in terms of revenues.


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