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Pharmacovigilance is the process of collecting, monitoring, researching and evaluating information from healthcare providers and patients for the purposes of understanding and preventing drug-related problems.

Pharmacovigilance system in AUG Pharma collects data throughout the lifecycle of each product in order to monitor and maintain the safety profile of all AUG Pharma products.

AUG Pharma evaluates adverse events and other collected safety information including healthcare providers reports, patient reports & medical literature.

When important safety issues arise, AUG Pharma issues updated communications to doctors, patients and health regulators.

Adverse events:

Adverse Events (AEs) can be any unfavourable or unintended sign, symptom or disease temporarily associated with the use of a medicinal product, whether or not it is related to the product. Adverse Events can occur when medicines are used in any number of different circumstances.

Healthcare providers and patients are encouraged to spontaneously report adverse events as a result of their experiences. Each is reviewed and follow up contacts are initiated when additional information is needed.

AUG Pharma has a legal obligation to follow up and report any adverse events that may have happened with any of its products.

Online reporting:

Adverse Events related to AUG Pharma products should also be reported directly to AUG Pharma via e-mail:


Any Adverse Events can be reported to the Egyptian Regulatory Authority via e-mail: pv.center@eda.mohp.gov.eg

Reporting form for healthcare professionals (English form)

 Please Download the file, fill it and email it back to us.



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