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AUG as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient representative:

AUG brings in it’s already established Values in Pharma to API representation. AUG the word that has become  a standard term in the Pharmaceutical business since its introduction in 2006 by Dr. Ashraf Osman.

A pioneer in the MENA region, AUG has established several business segments along the years such as Generic Pharma, Medical devices & Nutraceuticals not to mention building a state of the art manufacturing facility in 2014 with over 200 professionals.  

The trusting relationships that AUG enjoys with its suppliers and commissioners have been the key to its success, AUG believes that a strong foundation in the Pharma business, hand selected technical & sales professionals with key contacts in the industry, make AUG your no.1 choice.

 Partner with us!

AUG Pharma is a prominent and respected partner for pharmaceutical projects in the fields of custom synthesis, finished product development, supply and manufacture of drug substances and drug products, regulatory affairs, patents and in and out-licensing. With affiliates in the MENA Region, our presence gives us insights into the needs of our customers.

Dealing regularly with major players in the industry, we have direct access to key decision makers that enables us to promote your project or product effectively. AUG provides pharmaceutical services in every stage of the industry value chain.

In addition to offering our capabilities on a fee for services basis, we are open to risk sharing through supply-based earning models. We will be glad to discuss alternative models of working together.

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